Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 2009

It's been rainy in Austin and we traveled to Arkansas last weekend to see the kids so I haven't seen much of LBR lately.

We headed to the stables this afternoon with hopes that it would be dry enough to ride in the grass arena. LBR was filthy muddy (no surprise) so it took a while to groom. He led perfectly into the wash stall to have his feet/legs washed and then we curried off about 10 pounds of mud.

The grass arena was still pretty muddy so we didn't feel comfortable lounging LBR. We did saddle up (Gary's new saddle) and both rode LBR at the walk for a while. He really seems to enjoy being groomed and ridden - even if it was only to walk and work on whoas & backing.

After riding, we groomed and let LBR eat some grass. We returned him to his paddock, gave him treats and repaired his electric tape fence.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice - sunny & warm so we plan on heading over for another ride.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November 27, 2009

LBR is doing great. Gary demo'd a new (used) 19" HDR saddle this week. Unfortunately, he forgot to tighten the girth and when he removed a long blade of grass from LBR's mouth, LBR did a quick sidepass when the blade hit is rump. LBR went left, saddle turned right and Gary ended up on the ground. LBR turned and looked to make sure Gary was okay and then galloped off in the arena. He veered off the rail in the arena to take a jump and then stood at the other end of the arena to wait for us. We tacked him back up (girth tightened) and Gary got back on and they had a nice ride.

The second trial ride the next day in the saddle went smoothly (we're buying it). We had family in and the grandkids (ages 5 - 16) were led around on LBR over the next couple of days.

LBR threw a shoe on Wednesday so we weren't able to ride anymore this week. On Sunday, he "sprung" his other shoe so we removed the loose nails.