Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

Last week we had rain and Cindy had surgery so LBR didn't get ridden much. The trainer rode him on Friday and said he was quite the handful and they had an extra long ride.

On Saturday & Sunday Gary rode and LBR was wonderful. LBR got a break (lunged only) on Monday and on Tuesday, Gary had his best ride ever. Gary rode LBR through mini-patterns and they did great.

Wednesday, we visited a neighbors farm to see a young paint mare she was given. Gary rode another mare there and led the neighbors niece around on her for a while.

Because we spent so much time there, we were cutting short time for LBR's ride. There were two(2) trainers working VERY green horses in the arena so Gary had to negotiate patterns well away from them. It was ironic that LBR was the most trained/calm horse in the arena....we were very proud.

After yesterday's ride, we groomed and it was dinner'ld think LBR was starving as he was very anxious to catch up with the food wagon before it got to his paddock.

I found vidoe of his short-lived racing career and have posted links on the right hand side of the page. I'm not sure if they will work for everyone or how long they will work.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

This week has been a good one. LBR's new shoes and dry weather seem to have done the trick - he's not tender footed.

Gary rode on Tuesday & Wednesday. Gary & Cindy rode on Thursday. Stacie (the trainer) rode on Friday. Gary & Cindy rode on Saturday. Sunday (today), Cindy took a lesson on LBR.

It had been three (3) weeks since LBR had been ridden seriously (other than at the walk) and although he was a little green ornery in the beginning of the week, he progressed nicely.

The lesson on Sunday was nearly perfect. We arrived an hour early to lunge and pre-ride in the grass arena. LBR was spunky (kicking up his heels) while being lunged....he definitely feels much better. Cindy pre-rode in the grass arena and although LBR was chewing the bit a lot, he calmed down nicely.

During the lesson, LBR & Cindy did very well. They did the walk, sitting trot, posting trot and even cantered (although they did it separately from the group). During the canter, a stablemate was led into the arena with his blanket on and LBR thought it was a monster. Cindy continued the canter like it was nothing and LBR regrouped nicely.

LBR & Cindy did their patterns well - he squares up to fences naturally....what a nice trait.

After the lesson, Cindy cooled him down by walking around the pastures and LBR was exhausted/mellow.

We groomed, went into the wash stall, treated and returned him to his paddock. He still had his alfalfa left to enjoy and a small amount of his feed. LBR got a carrot and a cookie and was in horsey-heaven. Tired, happy and eating alfalfa.