Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009

This week has been a good one. LBR's new shoes and dry weather seem to have done the trick - he's not tender footed.

Gary rode on Tuesday & Wednesday. Gary & Cindy rode on Thursday. Stacie (the trainer) rode on Friday. Gary & Cindy rode on Saturday. Sunday (today), Cindy took a lesson on LBR.

It had been three (3) weeks since LBR had been ridden seriously (other than at the walk) and although he was a little green ornery in the beginning of the week, he progressed nicely.

The lesson on Sunday was nearly perfect. We arrived an hour early to lunge and pre-ride in the grass arena. LBR was spunky (kicking up his heels) while being lunged....he definitely feels much better. Cindy pre-rode in the grass arena and although LBR was chewing the bit a lot, he calmed down nicely.

During the lesson, LBR & Cindy did very well. They did the walk, sitting trot, posting trot and even cantered (although they did it separately from the group). During the canter, a stablemate was led into the arena with his blanket on and LBR thought it was a monster. Cindy continued the canter like it was nothing and LBR regrouped nicely.

LBR & Cindy did their patterns well - he squares up to fences naturally....what a nice trait.

After the lesson, Cindy cooled him down by walking around the pastures and LBR was exhausted/mellow.

We groomed, went into the wash stall, treated and returned him to his paddock. He still had his alfalfa left to enjoy and a small amount of his feed. LBR got a carrot and a cookie and was in horsey-heaven. Tired, happy and eating alfalfa.

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