Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31, 2009

We are having the best weather imaginable in Central Texas. The sky is crystal blue and no humidity. It was cool this morning so Cindy headed over to see LBR in the afternoon. She expected to find a muddy horse and wasn't disappointed. The stables are still muddy from the week's rain (we've had 8 inches of rain in October - with only 25 inches for the year).

Because LBR got shoes this week to help with the tender feet, Cindy's plan was to clean and groom. She went down to LBR's paddock and LBR acknowledged she was at the gate but left the round bale of hay and started walking away. Cindy's heart sank because this is what he did last week when his feet were hurting so badly. Cindy took a minute to fix a strand of the electric tape (turned away from LBR) and then looked back to see that he was just relieving himself behind the hay. As she finished fixing the fence and as soon as he finished his bio break, he came cantering up to the gate. It was a great relief to know he wasn't lame.

Cindy haltered him and led him to the stables. She curried off as much of the mud as possible and decided to head for the wash stall (instead of washing outside).

LBR led nicely out of the grooming stall but "froze" at the wash stall entrance. Knowing that Gary has been training him to go in, Cindy immediately put the lead rope over LBR's nose, snapped it once and he went straight into the wash rack without Cindy leading in front of him.

After a quick rinse, no shampoo as the paddock is still muddy, Cindy took LBR out to graze for a bit. Unfortunately, the grass is slim and LBR got quite bored. Cindy took LBR back to the grooming stall to let him dry and finish grooming. LBR's new shoes are very handsome.

Afterwards, Cindy led LBR back to the paddock. He is feeling much better and was quite frisky - it is so nice to have his personality back.

Cindy treated LBR with carrots and said bye. Tomorrow is supposed to be another perfect weather day so though LBR can't be ridden yet, Cindy will be heading over to do other horsey stuff.

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