Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 2009

LBR's stone bruise recovered nicely this week. The farrier was out and took a look at LBR and agreed that was the most likely cause. LBR was fine by Wednesday so Gary took him out for a walk-ride in the grass arena.

We had a lot of rain on Thursday, so Gary visited him on Friday. It was too wet to ride so Gary just washed/groomed him (yes - LBR is still the mud-rolling champ).

Cindy headed to the stables alone on Saturday afternoon. When she arrived, there were four (4) horses let out to groom in the common area....GRRRR!.

LBR greeted her at the paddock gate. Cindy groomed and tacked LBR. He was pretty excited by the four horses galloping throughout the property but calmed down nicely for his pre-ride lunging.

Due to the commotion going on and the still less-than-perfect footing in the main arena, Cindy decided to work LBR at the walk with focus on flexing exercises and reinless whoa's.

Cindy rode for about 30 minutes and then groomed LBR before returning him to his paddock and treating him with carrots.

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