Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

We had a great ride yesterday after the TX-vs-OU game. We arrived at the stables as the horses were being fed for the evening. The stables were quiet and LBR was happy to see us. The weather was perfect....75 degrees and about 30% humidity.

We groomed/saddled LBR and headed to the arena. He was so calm (despite feeding activities going on) that Cindy decided to start with riding right away (no longing). LBR was amazing.....although he didn't want to walk in a straight line, after a few walks around the arena, he caught on. Cindy trotted him around the arena, in circles and over cross rails and LBR was having a great time.

Gary then rode and had fun....LBR was amazing.

We planned on taking a lesson tomorrow, but unfortunately, LBR has a stone bruise on his front right hoof so we just groomed and let LBR eat some grass.....poor guy, he was so mellow and Cindy was hoping for a good lesson.

The stable owner is suggesting shoes on his front feet, but we don't want to go there unless we have to (with the rain/mud, stone bruises are going to happen??).

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