Friday, October 9, 2009

October 3, 2009

We are back from vacation. We got back into Austin late yesterday afternoon and headed to the stables from the airport. It was almost dark so we took LBR some treats.

He had three (3) training rides and the trainer said he did great.

Today, Saturday, Cindy took a group lesoon on LBR. He was more distracted than usual by the other horses....having one of "those" days as the trainer said. He didn't want to settle into his nice trot while we worked as a group on the rail but eventually calmed down after a lot of extra circles during our trips around the arena.

When it came to individual rounds time, he was PERFECT. Trotted all poles and cross-rails at the perfect tempo, no pulling on the bit, and very happy. We skipped the canter today due to his distracted nature.

We washed, groomed and treated and left for the day.

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