Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

LBR is having an easy week. Although he underwent a total training effort without any issues this summer, his feet don't seem to like the muddy/wet weather we're having.

He was tender-footed on after a walk only ride on Saturday so we decided to put front shoes on Tuesday. Gary was not able to be there when he got his new shoes, but the trainer said he did great. Cindy visited him in the evening and he loved his carrots and missed his paddock mate Bentley who escaped when LBR was being haltered (the mud is really bad - it's hard to walk through the paddock).

We're going to give LBR a week off of riding and just groom and work on basic ground manners. It's a bit frustrating, but he's five years old, we will have him for 20+ years more and this is only a week.

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