Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

One Year Ago Today

It's Sunday and that means lessons for Cindy. Last night, she agreed to ride LBR in the lessons today and was a little anxious.

Gary & Cindy headed to the stables to arrive an hour before the 11:00 a.m. lesson. Gary brought up LBR from the paddock while Cindy gathered tack/grooming supplies and put LBR's supplements out for the next week.

LBR was in his supper mellow mode during grooming despite winds from the north at 25 mph.

After grooming/saddling, Gary lunged LBR in the grass arena with his halter and LBR did well.

Gary took LBR back to the grooming stall and put his copper-roller snaffle on. Cindy lead him back to the grass arena for a little warm up ride. LBR was responsive and focused despite the winds. He breifly "spooked" when a paddock gate slammed closed due to the wind, but he calmed quickly.

The lesson today went very well. LBR was responsive to walk/trot commands and ignored the circus that was the stables (trailers coming/going, horses running around crazy in their paddocks, loud people, louder dogs, etc.). He seemed unphased by the other lesson horses - even the one that "stalked" he and Cindy when they circled and crossed the middle of the arena to spread out.

LBR did well over the ground poles, over the cross rails and through all of his patterns. He jumped once over the brush-box rather than trot over it and Cindy smiled:-).

After the lesson, Cindy took LBR down to the grass arena for a brief trail ride. They rode back down to the stables and LBR was not happy with the impromptu dog fight caused by the introduction of yet another dog. He did calm down though.

Cindy & Gary detacked, groomed and took LBR up near his paddock for some grazing. Afterwards, they but LBR in his paddock and gave him hugs and treats.

Another great weekend is drawing to a close - but it's not so sad knowing that weekday evening rides await.

March 27, 2010

One Year Ago Today

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables around 11:00 a.m. as it was warming up nicely in Central Texas.

Gary brought LBR up from his paddock as Cindy got the grooming supplies and tack out of the tack room.

LBR had not rolled and was easy to groom. After grooming and putting on the saddle, Gary & Cindy decided to lunge LBR in his halter in the grass arena rather than in his bridle. LBR did GREAT!

They headed back to the grooming stall and put LBR in the D-ring with the german martingale and Cindy rode him in the sand arena.

LBR seemed upset that everyone else had completed their rides and he was alone in the - it wasn't long ago that we couldn't ride with others.

Cindy rode him at the walk, trot & canter both directions and LBR did great. They trotted some poles and cross rails and had a great ride.

After Cindy was finished with the schooling work, Gary took LBR on a trail ride. They went down-to and around the grass arena and then headed down the driveway for a bit. LBR did very well and there were no "spooky" cows - though he ws looking for them.

After the ride, Gary rinsed LBR totally for the first time this year. The water ran brown/dirty for a while.

LBR was taken out to graze behind the stables for a bit and found some great grass:-).

Gary & Cindy returned LBR to his paddock for some treats before heading home around 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 26, 2010


One Year Ago Today

Cindy met Gary at the stables after work. Gary had done the hard work before Cindy arrived - grooming a muddy/shedding LBR and they were tacked up and headed to the grass arena for lunging.

Cindy quickley changed into riding clothes and headed down to join them. LBR was quite spunkey - repeatedly kicking up his back heels in the same spot on the circle. It wasn't a "mean" kick - just playful.

After lunging, Cindy rode LBR in the grass arena for about 45 minutes. LBR was having trouble tracking straight so Cindy focused on correcting that at the trot. After LBR improved, they cantered breifly clockwise. The first attempt, LBR took the incorrect lead, but the second time he did well. They then did some patterns over cross rails at the trot and that went very well.

After Cindy rode, Gary took LBR on a trail ride around the property. They headed down the driveway and made the turn to the main drive. LBR met his first cow - no bolting or spooking, but got about a foot taller and very light on his feet. Gary calmed him and they had a nice ride back to the sand arena where they walked over poles and crossrails before heading back to the grooming stall.

After removing his tack, Gary took LBR out to see the newest (2nd) foal that was born this week. LBR acknowledged the newcomer briefly before enjoying some grass.

Gary & Cindy returned LBR to his paddock for treats.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010

Today Gary & Cindy knew that it would be too wet to ride (another 1" of rain and storms overnight). They headed over for treats and "just-a-visit".

LBR whinnied as Cindy said "Hey Big Red". This was nice after a hard day for Cindy at work.

LBR ate his treats and then Gary & Cindy headed back to the main stables to help with the foal that was born yeterday....fingers crossed, he's 2 weeks premature and had to deal with the storms of the last 24 hours.

One Year Ago Today

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Little Big Red...we've come a long way.

One Year Ago Today

Yesterday we W/T/C in the grass arena with other horses. LBR was so calm.

We had hoped to be there in the dirt arena for our anniversary, but LBR equates the dirt arena with racing - oh well, things are green in Central Texas this year so we'll be happy to ride in the grass.

Gary didn't notice when Cindy transitioned from trot to canter and said "It all looked smooth"...Cindy loves Gary so much - 20 years and he still knows what to say.

March 23, 2010

Cindy headed straight to the stables after work. Gary had arrived about 30 minutes earlier and had LBR groomed and tacked up.

There were lessons in the sand arena so they headed to the grass arena. Gary lunged LBR and he did well at the walk/trot/canter both directions. Another boarder was lunging at the opposite end of the arena and though mildly distracted, LBR continued nicely.

Cindy rode first. LBR was the most amazing horse tonight. There were 2-3 other horses in the arena riding at all gaits - around him, behind him, beside him, etc... There was also a four(4) year old girl playing/singing at the top of her lungs in the middle of the arena. No big deal...LBR was focused.

Because LBR was doing so well, Cindy even got to canter him. This was the first canter in an arena with other horses moving as well. It was PERFECT.

Cindy did a lot of trot work too concentrating on position on the rail as well as flexing correctly in the turns.

After about 45 minutes, Gary rode for a bit. He is working on his seat and improving quickly.

After the ride, LBR was groomed, allowed to graze for a bit and then returned to his paddock of treats.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Today's weather was much warmer and no wind.

Cindy met Gary at the stables after work. LBR had found mud somewhere in his paddock and rolled again so Gary was still grooming when Cindy arrived aroun 6:15 p.m. LBR is obsessed with the mare/foal in the stall with the newly fenced paddock.

They finished tacking up and Gary lunged LBR briefly in the round pen before heading to the grass arena. LBR was totally distracted by the thought of the mystery behind the barn (mare/foal) but actually lunged nicely.

Cindy rode LBR in the grass arena and it took nearly 30 minutes before he trotted consistently and wasn't obsessed by every movement at the farm. He knows that Catia's horses are back and is worried about them, he knew that there was a mini-horse farm occupied by something behind the stable, etc....

Cindy ended with a nice pattern over cross rails before Gary rode for a bit.

Gary's "seat" was much improved with lower hands and better posture. After they finished up, Gary rode LBR back to the stables and LBR was well mannered.

As promised, after grooming, Gary took LBR to see the mystery behind the stables. LBR was so "over it" in about 2 seconds - ah, it's "Nanny" and another foal and they're eating my grass in the common area that has been fenced off for them.

LBR led nicely back to his paddock and enjoyed cookies and carrots.

Has Cindy mentioned how much she LOVES Daylight Savings Time this week?

March 21, 2010

Due to the rain yesterday there was no riding today.

Gary & Cindy headed to the stables when it finally warmed above 50F degrees around 2:00 p.m. The wind was still out of the Northwest steadily at 20 mph with gusts to 35 mph.

LBR was quite muddy - surprise, NOT!

Gary & Cindy groomed him and then let him graze in the common area before returning him to his paddock for fresh baked cookies and carrots.

It was nice for everyone to get out of their home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 21, 2010

A horrible, evil, unwelcome cold front came through around 5:00 a.m. this morning. We had almost 1" of rain in less than an hour.

Now the temperature is dropping, it's overcast and the wind is gusting to 40 mph.

Gary and Cindy didn't visit LBR due the weather.

March 19, 2010

Gary & Cindy met at the stables after Cindy's workday. Gary arrived first and brought LBR up from his paddock for grooming. By the time Cindy arrived, most of the mud had been cleaned off. Gary tacked up LBR while Cindy changed into riding clothes.

It was pretty windy so Gary lunged LBR (walk/trot/canter) before Cindy got on in the grass arena and rode LBR to the sand arena for their ride.

LBR was a little distracted and stiff so rather than fight him and ride boring circles, Cindy road patterns and serpentines around the jumps in the arena at the trot. This really seemed to be effective as LBR loosened up and focused and Cindy didn't get dizzy.

Cindy then rode LBR along the rail at the walk/trot and he moved out nicely. LBR was not pulling at the bit, bowing out or doing any typical OTTB "bad stuff".

Cindy then cantered LBR for a while - several times around the arena and a circle at the top of the arena. During one time around, LBR hit a "soft" spot and got a little junky-in-the-trunky. Rather than pull him up, Cindy encouraged him to keep cantering. This was a HUGE mental breakthrough for her as she would normally have panicked and pulled him up.

Cindy ended her ride with some walk/whoa/backing work before handing LBR over to Gary.

Gary rode LBR at the walk/trot and had a great ride. Another rider/horse came into the arena and LBR still did well though it's probably one of his least favorite full size horses - remember he hates ponies.

After riding, Cindy groomed LBR while Gary relaxed. At the end of grooming as Cindy was sweeping the grooming stall around/under LBR, LBR turned to look at her (he was cross-tied but could turn his head a bit). All of the sudden, he grew to be 17 hands.

He had spotted the filly that was born last night. She is in a stall/runout paddock that is visible from the grooming stall windows.

Gary was in the process of clipping the lead rope on so he led him out of that grooming stall and into the next one head-first so LBR could see the foal.

LBR whinnied and quivered at the excitement of the new herd member.

Gary led LBR back to his paddock and LBR proudly proclaimed to all of the horses along the way....'WHINNY - We have a new herd mate'. By the time they arrived at LBR's paddock, all of the horses were excited and congratulating the new mama and baby - it was a very noisy event.

We ended the evening with treats and rubs in the paddock and called it a night.

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 18, 2010

Gary & Cindy were so proud of LBR today.

Gary headed over to the stables in the morning to groom LBR (we hadn't visited in 2 days and have had rain). LBR's paddock was muddy, but no standing water - Gary leveled it last week.

LBR had done an excellent job of rolling - from the end of his tail to the tips of his ears (including forehead) were totally coated in mud. Gary spent about 2 hours currying the mud off.

The good news is LBR is starting to shed. The bad news is when Cindy & Gary arrived at the stables after Cindy's workday, the booger had rolled again.

This time the mud was not as bad and currying only took 30 minutes.

Now...on to the "PROUD" part. The "Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo" is in town. It's also Thursday which meant lessons for the people that take them during the week. Due to the rain, the lessons were being held in the grass arena and that was the only place to ride. Cindy was determined to ride as more rain is predicted for this weekend.

Gary lunged LBR for a few minutes (walk/trot) in the round pen and he was very calm.

Cindy mounted him in the sand arena and then rode him out towards the grass arena. LBR pulled the "I don't want to move forward" move as soon as she headed him in that direction. Instinctively, Cindy gave him a quick pop/tap on the butt with her hand and he moved forward...hmmm, maybe he is just a normal horse?

Now...back to the Rodeo. Cindy rode LBR quietly down to the grass arena and he was very calm. Three riders/horses were warming up for their lessons so Cindy kept LBR at the walk along the rail - working on "whoa's", backing and flexing.

As the lesson got underway, it was obvious that this was going to be part lesson part rodeo. LBR was not part of either! He walked calmly along the rail as the lesson group struggled with bucking, runaway's and stubborn horses. Cindy was glowing with pride as the bronco's flew past/into/in-front of LBR and he didn't flinch.

After the lesson finished up (1 hour), Cindy trotted LBR around a couple of times (until he flexed properly and traveled in a straight line).

They headed back to the stable for de-tacking and grooming and LBR was again the calmest horse.

The evening ended around 8:00 p.m. with leading back to the paddock and treats.


Just a Picture From Summertime

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

Cindy has a really bad cold/allergies today complete with an ear infection so she is home from work. This will mean no visit to LBR today.

We feel vindicated...people at a previous stables looked at us like we were crazy for talking to the horses. Thankfully, where we board LBR now, it is encouraged.

Please post your horses vocabulary in comments:-)

LBR's vocabulary so far:
*Good Boy
*Head Down - used for putting on the bridle and for flexing exercises
*Give me your foot - with the lightest touch to indicate which one
*Anh, Anh (pronounced loudly like "Ant" without the "t") - means stop that immediately
*Don't even think about it - used when he is contemplating some sort of mischief like pulling the saddle pad off of the wall of the grooming stall, reaching into the tack box to pull out/drop a brush. This results in a pout.
*Are you thirsty? If he is, when we return him to his paddock he will walk towards the water trough and expect us to follow him to the other end of the paddock for a drink
*Do you want a carrot? Ears forward, head up - sometimes nickers
*Do you want a treat? See carrot response - these are alfalfa cubes
*Do you want an oreo? Carrot response with head tossing
*Do you want an apple? He pouts - he hates apples

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

It rained all day today...not hard, but steady so there was no visit to the stables.

Loving that's it's daylight at 7:30 p.m. though.

Things should dry out enough for riding in the grass arena on Thursday. Maybe we'll just go visit the mud-monster tomorrow for grooming and treats?

P.S. Why is every other horse at the stables and every horse around the country shedding but LBR in Central Texas is hanging onto his winter coat? It's a healthy shiny winter coat but alright already - We want our shiny, slick horse back.

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010


Today was the first Monday of "Daylight Saving Time". Gary headed over to the stables around 5:00 p.m. and Cindy left work (45 minute commute) around 5:30 p.m.

When Cindy arrived, Gary had groomed/tacked LBR and was doing leading/walk under saddle warm up in the arena. Cindy changed from her work suit into riding clothes and started LBR in the sand arena.

LBR was a bit "heavy" on the bit and kept trying to be distracted. Cindy kept his focus without too much correction. Cindy corrected his heaviness with a simple "Aah, Aah" (sound effect to come with a future posted". She worked him through the trouble corner (southeast) with circles. They continued with some cross rails (Cindy's legs were lame tonight after 4 rides in 3 days).

Eventually, they took a nice pattern over cross rails and LBR was settled nicely. Cindy decided to ask for the canter going "up" the arena and LBR responded perfectly...took the left lead as asked and they circled in the end of the arena gracefully (as described by Gary).

Cindy walked LBR out and gave him a lot of positive pats and hugs while cooling down.

Once back in the grooming stall, Cindy gave him an alfalfa treat, de-tacked and groomed LBR. Gary & Cindy put up all the tack and then led LBR to towards his paddock for a little grazing and then treats in the paddock.

LBR seemed to understand the time change:-)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

Cindy had a lesson this morning at 11:30. She rode "Shiloh" this week. He is a 10 year old paint and a bit on the lazy side (vidoe to be attached later this week).

After her lesson, Gary tacked up LBR and headed to the grass arena for lunging before riding.

A visitor to the barn was schooling in the grass arena and LBR did not like being lunged in a different area of the arena. Eventually he calmed down and lunged quitely.

Cindy rode LBR first. He did very well considering the very active schooling going on. They walked/trotted and LBR was much more flexible today. Eventually, it was just them riding in the grass arena and they focused on some sitting trot and cross rails.

After a bit, another rider brought in a very green/scared horse. Cindy was so proud as LBR was the "calm-guy" in the arena. He seemed to thrive on that and actually calmed the other horse as we walked along together. After a bit, the visitor returned to watch a boarder school the potential horse. LBR was unphased by them.

After they finished their patterns, Gary rode LBR for a bit in the grass arena before heading for the sand arena (2nd set of lessons was complete by this time). LBR started off calmly, but got a bit hyped up as people started driving out of the stables. Gary worked him through it and they ended on a good note in the sand arena before heading out for a trail-ride/cool down of about 10 minutes.

Cindy & Gary groomed LBR before letting him graze on his way back to this paddock where he got the usual treats and hugs.

March 13, 2010

It's Saturday and absolutely perfect weather this weekend.

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables around 11:00 a.m. Gary and Cindy brought up LBR from his paddock for grooming. LBR is still not shedding:-(

They tacked up and headed to the grass arena where Gary started by lunging. LBR was a bit spirited but behaved well (there were neighbor horses squeeling and he got a little distracted).

Cindy rode him the grass arena for about 30 minutes at the walk and trot. LBR was a bit stiff to his left, but behaved nicely. They did some sitting trot, serpantines and cross rails.

Gary then rode LBR for a short bit in the grass arena before heading to the sand arena. LBR continued his excellent behavior.

After riding, they groomed LBR and then Gary gave him his first total rinse off of the year.

They ended with some grazing and Cindy walked the paddock for hazards and removed several large rocks.

They ended with treats around 3:00 p.m. It was 81F degrees when they left the stables. WOO HOO!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 12, 2010

Gary headed to the stables in the afternoon. Spring has arrived in Central Texas and we couldn't be happier. The low temperatures over night are in the 40's with highs near 80.

LBR was happily munching on green grass in his paddock and didn't come up to the gate. Gary haltered him and they headed to the stables for grooming. LBR had not rolled and things are drying out so grooming was a snap.

They headed to the grass arena for some lunging (we haven't lunged since the show last Saturday). LBR lunged perfectly at the walk/trot/canter with very good reaction to verbal commands and nice stops/whoa's w/out turning in.

They had a nice ride in the grass arena with only on incident of LBR not want to go the correct direction away from the mounting block (he stood perfectly though for mounting).

Gary worked on the sitting trot for a while. LBR broke into the canter once while trotting along the rail....he's feeling quite spring like too.

After the ride, Gary groomed LBR and they headed back to the paddock. Due to the rain earlier this week and the type of soil we have, LBR's paddock has become very uneven.

Gary used the tractor/front loader to level LBR's paddock. LBR was fascinated by the activity and as each section was leveled, he inspected it and gave his approval.

We're looking forward to a great weekend with many hours at the stables for both Gary & Cindy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Gary headed over early morning to ride LBR. Our weather has improved greatly so it was in the mid 50's and sunny.

LBR saw Gary headed to the paddock and as LBR was just finishing breakfast and alfalfa, he headed to the water trough at the far end of the paddock for a drink.

They led up to the stables for grooming and tacking up and all went well. Though we had rain earlier this week, LBR's futile attempts at rolling weren't sucessful so grooming was easy.

They headed to the sand arena and LBR stood nicely for mounting. They worked at the walk/trot well along the rail and then did some cross-rails.

After work in the sand arena, they took a trail ride down to the grass arena and back to the stables.

LBR didn't misbehave much - only tried to canter a couple of times....Cindy can't wait to ride:-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

Gary & Cindy both had long days today and LBR has had a long week so no visits. Can't wait to see each other tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

LBR's coggins expires on March 17, 2010 and the vet was coming out for the month so today was vet day.

LBR was due his coggins, rabies and a teeth check. Gary headed to the stables early and LBR was at the opposite end of his paddock from the gate.

We had rain overnight and LBR had taken advantage of it and rolled. Gary groomed him while the vet finished up floating another horses teeth.

LBR got his Coggins test and rabies, but the vet said his teeth weren't bad and suggested that we pass on this round.

Gary returned LBR to his paddock for his treats.

Next week is daylight savings time so Cindy is excited about getting visit/ride during the week.

March 8, 2010

Due to a rainy, dreary day there was no visit to the stables.

March 7, 2010

Despite the long day at the show yesterday, Cindy was bound and determined to take another lesson and build her confidence. Gary & Cindy headed to the stables around 9:30 for her 10:30 lesson.

Due to the exhaustion from the long Saturday, they decided to divide and conquer. Gary helped Cindy by bringing "Brother" up from his paddock and they groomed/tacked up. As Cindy headed to the grass arena to warm up, Gary brought LBR up from his paddock for grooming/tacking.

Cindy had another good ride on "Brother" though he started off a bit sluggish. They did their poles/flat work well and cantered nicely. The trainer gave Cindy that "one" thing to work on this week....heels down at the half-seat.

Gary had a terrific ride in the grass arena on LBR while Cindy took her lesson. He rode him without the martingale in the d-ring snaffle and did a lot of work at the sitting trot (Cindy has mastered it on Brother in her lesson:-)

Gary finished up before Cindy's lesson was over and returned LBR to the paddock. Cindy de-tacked Brother, groomed him (he's shedding like crazy but LBR hasn't let loose of a single hair). After Cindy returned Brother to his paddock, they both headed down to give LBR some treats and hugs.

It was a wonderful weekend for LBR, Gary & Cindy.

p.s. Gary is a clever man. He had left LBR's supplements in a grocery sack on the hood of the truck and another boarder had moved them becuase they were "spooking" some of the horses....Gary's comment "Welcome to Little Big Red's World"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 6, 2010

All went well at the show (we didn't enter any classes).

It was a long day (left the house at 5:00 a.m. and got home at 7:00 p.m.).Here's how things went with pictures.

Early in the morning when we were fresh and LBR was too (notice the lead rope over the nose): Learning to be tied to the trailer: We finally decided to lunge to get rid of some energy:

The day at the showgrounds ended with mellow people and an even more mellow LBR:

We ended the day loading nicely into the trailer on cement due to muddy conditions and a return to LBR's paddock after hoof cleaning. He was so HAPPY for chops and alfalfa.

March 5, 2010

Gary headed over to the stables in the afternoon after spending the morning locating and buying shipping boots for LBR's big adventure to his first show tomorrow.

Gary led LBR up from his paddock, groomed him and then headed to the sand arena for a ride. There were two(2) other horses being schooled in the arena.

LBR did very well and they worked at the walk and trot around the perimeter and in circles too. The trotted some cross poles and ended with a trial ride to and around the grass arena.

After the ride, the trainer and Gary worked with LBR on loading into the trailer. The first try for the trainer was a little bit of work with LBR backing up all the way to the stables. As soon as "gave" to the pressure of the lead rope over his nose, she rewarded him and they walked straight into the trailer. The second load with the trainer went perfectly. Gary then worked with LBR a few more times with only one incident...LBR backed up to quickly on the second time and bumped his head on the way out. They finished with two(2) perfect loads and unloads.

Gary took LBR back to the area outside his paddock and let him graze for a bit before calling it a day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 4, 2010

Gary headed to the stables in the morning.

When he went to bring LBR up from his paddock, he found a very muddy horse. He rinsed LBR's legs and then proceeded to curry and brush for 30 minutes before tacking up for their ride.

They started in the grass arena (sand arena still wet from the rain this week). LBR did not stand at the mounting block so they repeated that process until on the third time LBR stood nicely.

They rode at the walk/trot in the arena and worked a bit on solid "whoa's". After the work in the arena, they took a trail ride down the entrance to the stables. LBR did a bit of his "I'm not moving forward" and Gary found the cure for that.....a tap on the butt with his hand. LBR pouted for a few minutes, but moved on nicely.

After the ride, Gary groomed LBR and returned him to his paddock for treats.

In reflecting on the day, Gary and Cindy think LBR is just testing us with some of his behavior and luckily, we've realized it and are working on correcting it before it becomes habit.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010

Gary headed over to see LBR in the afternoon. LBR met him at the gate without any treat rattling...woo hoo!!!

They headed to the stables for "rinsing of the legs" and grooming. LBR had rolled so well that currying took over 30 minutes.

Gary tacked him up and led him to the grass arena for the ride. LBR has become a naughty boy at the mounting block (can someone remind me why we wanted a 16.2 hand horse again - my 15 hand Arabians didn't neccesitate a mounting block) and LBR walked off and out of the arena before Gary could get his right foot in the stirrup.

Gary went with the flow and they made a lap around the outside of the arena before returning to it for their ride. LBR tossed his head a bit for the first few minutes, but didn't evade the bit at all.

It was a nice ride in the grass arena at the walk and trot. They worked over ground poles and had a good time.

Unfortunately at the end of the ride, it was feeding time and LBR started chewing the bit, but he was still responsive.

They ended with grooming and returning LBR to the paddock. He had appetizers of carrots and cookies before enjoying his overdue dinner.

We have a big weekend coming up. We're taking LBR to his first show (just for environmental experience - no classes).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

Gary headed over to groom/visit LBR this morning. He had done a fine job of rolling in the new found mud.

LBR didn't greet Gary at the gate so Gary shook the treat bag. LBR ignored him until Gary walked away. Ah oh...full out gallop to the gate complete with nickers.

Gary groomed LBR in the stables for a while and then returned LBR to his paddock. Things actually are not holding too much water so we're hopeful for a ride tomorrow.

March 1, 2010 rained all day today - almost another 1". We didn't visit LBR.