Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

Cindy has a really bad cold/allergies today complete with an ear infection so she is home from work. This will mean no visit to LBR today.

We feel vindicated...people at a previous stables looked at us like we were crazy for talking to the horses. Thankfully, where we board LBR now, it is encouraged.

Please post your horses vocabulary in comments:-)

LBR's vocabulary so far:
*Good Boy
*Head Down - used for putting on the bridle and for flexing exercises
*Give me your foot - with the lightest touch to indicate which one
*Anh, Anh (pronounced loudly like "Ant" without the "t") - means stop that immediately
*Don't even think about it - used when he is contemplating some sort of mischief like pulling the saddle pad off of the wall of the grooming stall, reaching into the tack box to pull out/drop a brush. This results in a pout.
*Are you thirsty? If he is, when we return him to his paddock he will walk towards the water trough and expect us to follow him to the other end of the paddock for a drink
*Do you want a carrot? Ears forward, head up - sometimes nickers
*Do you want a treat? See carrot response - these are alfalfa cubes
*Do you want an oreo? Carrot response with head tossing
*Do you want an apple? He pouts - he hates apples

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