Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 7, 2010

Despite the long day at the show yesterday, Cindy was bound and determined to take another lesson and build her confidence. Gary & Cindy headed to the stables around 9:30 for her 10:30 lesson.

Due to the exhaustion from the long Saturday, they decided to divide and conquer. Gary helped Cindy by bringing "Brother" up from his paddock and they groomed/tacked up. As Cindy headed to the grass arena to warm up, Gary brought LBR up from his paddock for grooming/tacking.

Cindy had another good ride on "Brother" though he started off a bit sluggish. They did their poles/flat work well and cantered nicely. The trainer gave Cindy that "one" thing to work on this week....heels down at the half-seat.

Gary had a terrific ride in the grass arena on LBR while Cindy took her lesson. He rode him without the martingale in the d-ring snaffle and did a lot of work at the sitting trot (Cindy has mastered it on Brother in her lesson:-)

Gary finished up before Cindy's lesson was over and returned LBR to the paddock. Cindy de-tacked Brother, groomed him (he's shedding like crazy but LBR hasn't let loose of a single hair). After Cindy returned Brother to his paddock, they both headed down to give LBR some treats and hugs.

It was a wonderful weekend for LBR, Gary & Cindy.

p.s. Gary is a clever man. He had left LBR's supplements in a grocery sack on the hood of the truck and another boarder had moved them becuase they were "spooking" some of the horses....Gary's comment "Welcome to Little Big Red's World"

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