Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 26, 2010


One Year Ago Today

Cindy met Gary at the stables after work. Gary had done the hard work before Cindy arrived - grooming a muddy/shedding LBR and they were tacked up and headed to the grass arena for lunging.

Cindy quickley changed into riding clothes and headed down to join them. LBR was quite spunkey - repeatedly kicking up his back heels in the same spot on the circle. It wasn't a "mean" kick - just playful.

After lunging, Cindy rode LBR in the grass arena for about 45 minutes. LBR was having trouble tracking straight so Cindy focused on correcting that at the trot. After LBR improved, they cantered breifly clockwise. The first attempt, LBR took the incorrect lead, but the second time he did well. They then did some patterns over cross rails at the trot and that went very well.

After Cindy rode, Gary took LBR on a trail ride around the property. They headed down the driveway and made the turn to the main drive. LBR met his first cow - no bolting or spooking, but got about a foot taller and very light on his feet. Gary calmed him and they had a nice ride back to the sand arena where they walked over poles and crossrails before heading back to the grooming stall.

After removing his tack, Gary took LBR out to see the newest (2nd) foal that was born this week. LBR acknowledged the newcomer briefly before enjoying some grass.

Gary & Cindy returned LBR to his paddock for treats.

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