Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

Gary headed over early morning to ride LBR. Our weather has improved greatly so it was in the mid 50's and sunny.

LBR saw Gary headed to the paddock and as LBR was just finishing breakfast and alfalfa, he headed to the water trough at the far end of the paddock for a drink.

They led up to the stables for grooming and tacking up and all went well. Though we had rain earlier this week, LBR's futile attempts at rolling weren't sucessful so grooming was easy.

They headed to the sand arena and LBR stood nicely for mounting. They worked at the walk/trot well along the rail and then did some cross-rails.

After work in the sand arena, they took a trail ride down to the grass arena and back to the stables.

LBR didn't misbehave much - only tried to canter a couple of times....Cindy can't wait to ride:-)

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