Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 19, 2010

Gary & Cindy met at the stables after Cindy's workday. Gary arrived first and brought LBR up from his paddock for grooming. By the time Cindy arrived, most of the mud had been cleaned off. Gary tacked up LBR while Cindy changed into riding clothes.

It was pretty windy so Gary lunged LBR (walk/trot/canter) before Cindy got on in the grass arena and rode LBR to the sand arena for their ride.

LBR was a little distracted and stiff so rather than fight him and ride boring circles, Cindy road patterns and serpentines around the jumps in the arena at the trot. This really seemed to be effective as LBR loosened up and focused and Cindy didn't get dizzy.

Cindy then rode LBR along the rail at the walk/trot and he moved out nicely. LBR was not pulling at the bit, bowing out or doing any typical OTTB "bad stuff".

Cindy then cantered LBR for a while - several times around the arena and a circle at the top of the arena. During one time around, LBR hit a "soft" spot and got a little junky-in-the-trunky. Rather than pull him up, Cindy encouraged him to keep cantering. This was a HUGE mental breakthrough for her as she would normally have panicked and pulled him up.

Cindy ended her ride with some walk/whoa/backing work before handing LBR over to Gary.

Gary rode LBR at the walk/trot and had a great ride. Another rider/horse came into the arena and LBR still did well though it's probably one of his least favorite full size horses - remember he hates ponies.

After riding, Cindy groomed LBR while Gary relaxed. At the end of grooming as Cindy was sweeping the grooming stall around/under LBR, LBR turned to look at her (he was cross-tied but could turn his head a bit). All of the sudden, he grew to be 17 hands.

He had spotted the filly that was born last night. She is in a stall/runout paddock that is visible from the grooming stall windows.

Gary was in the process of clipping the lead rope on so he led him out of that grooming stall and into the next one head-first so LBR could see the foal.

LBR whinnied and quivered at the excitement of the new herd member.

Gary led LBR back to his paddock and LBR proudly proclaimed to all of the horses along the way....'WHINNY - We have a new herd mate'. By the time they arrived at LBR's paddock, all of the horses were excited and congratulating the new mama and baby - it was a very noisy event.

We ended the evening with treats and rubs in the paddock and called it a night.

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