Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 5, 2010

Gary headed over to the stables in the afternoon after spending the morning locating and buying shipping boots for LBR's big adventure to his first show tomorrow.

Gary led LBR up from his paddock, groomed him and then headed to the sand arena for a ride. There were two(2) other horses being schooled in the arena.

LBR did very well and they worked at the walk and trot around the perimeter and in circles too. The trotted some cross poles and ended with a trial ride to and around the grass arena.

After the ride, the trainer and Gary worked with LBR on loading into the trailer. The first try for the trainer was a little bit of work with LBR backing up all the way to the stables. As soon as "gave" to the pressure of the lead rope over his nose, she rewarded him and they walked straight into the trailer. The second load with the trainer went perfectly. Gary then worked with LBR a few more times with only one incident...LBR backed up to quickly on the second time and bumped his head on the way out. They finished with two(2) perfect loads and unloads.

Gary took LBR back to the area outside his paddock and let him graze for a bit before calling it a day.

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