Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

Cindy had a lesson this morning at 11:30. She rode "Shiloh" this week. He is a 10 year old paint and a bit on the lazy side (vidoe to be attached later this week).

After her lesson, Gary tacked up LBR and headed to the grass arena for lunging before riding.

A visitor to the barn was schooling in the grass arena and LBR did not like being lunged in a different area of the arena. Eventually he calmed down and lunged quitely.

Cindy rode LBR first. He did very well considering the very active schooling going on. They walked/trotted and LBR was much more flexible today. Eventually, it was just them riding in the grass arena and they focused on some sitting trot and cross rails.

After a bit, another rider brought in a very green/scared horse. Cindy was so proud as LBR was the "calm-guy" in the arena. He seemed to thrive on that and actually calmed the other horse as we walked along together. After a bit, the visitor returned to watch a boarder school the potential horse. LBR was unphased by them.

After they finished their patterns, Gary rode LBR for a bit in the grass arena before heading for the sand arena (2nd set of lessons was complete by this time). LBR started off calmly, but got a bit hyped up as people started driving out of the stables. Gary worked him through it and they ended on a good note in the sand arena before heading out for a trail-ride/cool down of about 10 minutes.

Cindy & Gary groomed LBR before letting him graze on his way back to this paddock where he got the usual treats and hugs.

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