Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 25, 2009

I arrived at the stables early and Gary was meeting me there later w/ the halter/lead rope. Observed LBR & Romeo's interaction. No nicks/cuts in either one's fur and they seem to have established a mutual respect. Jim (the caretaker) makes his evening rounds for feeding and LBR won't come to the feed bucket that is tied to a post that also has the electric tape (top band only). Jim will be feeding him in the middle of the paddock for a while until LBR gets more familiar.

We lead/walked LBR in the paddock and he did very well until the weather turned a bit stormy and "GIANT" rain drops started coming down. He got pretty spirited and we moved quickly to the shelter. The rain drops stopped, he calmed down and we finished the exercise on a good note.

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