Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

Today we continued ground/lead manners. LBR again greeted us at the gate and was simple to halter. We walked around the common area and headed to the practice arena. Several horses "out and about" today being visited by owners and lessons going on in the main arena.

LBR was again well behaved. You could tell he had a little "attitude" - thinking that every horse was looking at him. LBR crowded Cindy once and she gave him an "elbow" which was quite effective.

We ventured out of the practice arena and closer to the main barn. LBR could smell and call to even more horses - yet was attentive to the person leading him.

After we finished a long lesson (almost 2 hours), it was feeding time so Gary & I decided to stay and see how he and Romeo got on during dinner. After a brief switch of buckets, they settled in nicely and finished dinner at about the same time. We're glad to see that he likes his paddock mate (or at the least they have mutual respect - still no bite/nick marks on either ones fur).

LBR is shedding like crazy so we're hoping to get to the barn and wash rack this week.

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