Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Continued ground/lead manners. LBR has a new "friend"....a white mare turned out in the paddock next to him. She's very pretty - and quite the flirt. I've nicknamed her "Snow White" as she is about 17.5 hands and all the "big boys" look like dwarfs around her. She called to him as he was taken (under best manners) out of the paddock.

We reviewed the practice arena and led towards the barn. Snow White called out and LBR listened but never misbehaved. We ventured into the jumping arena....past the trailer, cars, trucks, trees and tire tracks that can "get" LBR. He's developing such a trust it's amazing. After walking large ovals in the jump arena area that is free of jumps, he followed nicely past all the tall things that could "jump" him (i.e. 4'2"+ walls, jumps complete with flowers ribbons and other horse-eating items).

Ended by walking down the road past all paddocks without nice to have him trust us.

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