Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19, 2009

Last week we had rain and Cindy had surgery so LBR didn't get ridden much. The trainer rode him on Friday and said he was quite the handful and they had an extra long ride.

On Saturday & Sunday Gary rode and LBR was wonderful. LBR got a break (lunged only) on Monday and on Tuesday, Gary had his best ride ever. Gary rode LBR through mini-patterns and they did great.

Wednesday, we visited a neighbors farm to see a young paint mare she was given. Gary rode another mare there and led the neighbors niece around on her for a while.

Because we spent so much time there, we were cutting short time for LBR's ride. There were two(2) trainers working VERY green horses in the arena so Gary had to negotiate patterns well away from them. It was ironic that LBR was the most trained/calm horse in the arena....we were very proud.

After yesterday's ride, we groomed and it was dinner'ld think LBR was starving as he was very anxious to catch up with the food wagon before it got to his paddock.

I found vidoe of his short-lived racing career and have posted links on the right hand side of the page. I'm not sure if they will work for everyone or how long they will work.

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