Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 4, 2011

Cindy & Gary headed to the stables after Cindy got home from work.

Gary brought LBR up from his paddock while Cindy staged the tack. They were the only people at the stables when they arrived, but shortly after they started grooming LBR another boarder arrived and then the caretaker returned which caused her dogs to go insane...barking, growling, etc.

Cindy rode LBR in the sand arena and focused on ground work. LBR (and Cindy) are getting so much better about ignoring the distractions. Cindy works him on lateral moves (leg yeilds) at the walk/trot and on collection when LBR starts to become distracted.

This strategy works...they ahd an excellent round of flat work.

After the ride, Gary & Cindy groomed LBR and then returned him to his paddock for treats.

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