Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21, 2011

Gary headed over in the morning to work LBR. They lunged today first and then Gary rode him. LBR was GREAT!

He is not rushing to or from jumps and is very quiet.

Yay Gary & LBR.

On a side note...Gary & I went to look at a "confidence builder" horse. He was located about 60 miles north of where Cindy works so Gary picked her up with the horse trailer and they headed off.

They arrived around 6:20 to find a really cute 13 y/o 16.3 hand Azteca gelding in a horrible paddock/pasture filled with rocks. He was saddled and wearing a western bit that was too small for him.

The owner is going through a divorce and has been leasing him to the people who own this property. He has been well fed, but not ridden due to some personal issues the people have.

Gary rode him at the walk around the least rocky peice of the paddock. We decided to take him on trial. He loaded/traveled/unloaded really well but it was late (10:30 p.m.) by the time we got home.

Here's a picture of him ("Manitowoc"):

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