Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 21, 2010

Day 2 at the show. Gary & Cindy asked one of the riders at the stables if she wanted to ride LBR in an "Under Saddle" class. She did!

She has never ridden LBR so she schooled him in 2nd warm arena. They had a great ride and she handled him so well. He was a bit excited but in comparison to others he was a very cool horse.

The class the rode in was "Green Hunter" and there were 22 entries. Because it was being held in the small warm up ring, it was split into 2 groups. This was still too many large horses in a small arena. One horse in each group was excused because they couldn't handle it. However....LBR was not one of them.

He stayed really calm going counter-clockwise and looked beautiful. When they changed directions, he got in a crowd and was a little excited. He missed his right lead on the first try, but got it on the second try.

Gary & Cindy were so proud!!!

After resting for a bit, Gary & Cindy loaded up LBR and his stablemate and Gary hauled them back to the stables (about 15 minute drive).

Way to go LBR!!!!!

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