Monday, January 31, 2011

January 29, 2011

Cindy took a lesson on LBR today.

It started very well for all the riders in the lesson. They did walk/trot work with lots of time bending and counter bending. LBR rocked!

When it came time to canter, LBR led the way to the left. Over the ground poles at the trot and a perfect transition into his canter.

When they cantered to the right, LBR missed his lead so Cindy pulled him up. Another horse in the lesson went absolutely crazy behind LBR and bolted. The mare sped around the arena at a full out of control gallop. The rider hung on for about 5 laps before coming off. Fortunately, she only ended up with a small cut on her arm that required stitches. During all of this LBR was standing quietly in the arena, but when the mare ran out of the arena and across/around the farm, he started to get nervous.

Cindy dismounted and reassured him while he nuzzled her and nickered. After the mare was caught, the lesson resumed.

LBR was FABULOUS in his course work and seemed unphased by that incident. While waiting turns for their next pattern, another horse broke free from being lunged and ran all over the farm crazy. LBR just looked at him like he was crazy. He did two(2) more perfect courses.

After the lesson was over, Cindy rode LBR on a short trail ride before de-tacking and taking him to his paddock for treats.

Eventhough LBR took it all in stride, Cindy didn't like all the excitement (oh yeah - forgot to mention the fighting/barking dogs).

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