Monday, January 24, 2011

January 23, 2011

One Year Ago Today - adjusted by one day for day of week

Gary and Cindy headed over to the stables around 11:15 a.m. for Cindy's 12:30 p.m. lesson. The plan was to lunge LBR before the ride to get some of his energy out.

Gary headed down to the paddock while Cindy put out LBR's supplements (he's on maintenance level of weight builder) and staged the tack.

Gary returned to the sand arena after stopping short of LBR's paddock. One of the pregnant mares was down and foaling. It was sad...she wasn't due until April. The trainer stopped the current lesson and ran down to see what was going on. Unfortunately, the mare lost the foal but fortunately, she is going to be fine.

Gary was trying to lunge LBR in the grass arena while this was going on but LBR was curious about what was going on and didn't behave well. Eventually, he lunged well for about ten minutes so Gary brought him down to the stables for tacking up.

Because the lessons were delayed about 20 minutes, Gary warmed LBR up at the walk in the grass arena. Cindy started her ride about 10 minutes before the lesson.

LBR was a GREAT lesson horse today. Cindy's lesson ended up being a private lesson (at group lesson rates) because there was a no-show and a "heck no, you aren't going to ride me" attitude horse who was excused.

LBR's flat work was fabulous and Cindy is learning to do transitions with her seat (not her reins). The flat work was flawless (walk/trot/canter) except for a tight turn that was Cindy's fault. After the flat work, they did a few cross-rails - trotting in and mostly trotting out except for one very nice canter away.

The instructor/trainer was as proud of LBR as Gary and Cindy were today. There were major distractions between the mare and barking/howling dogs and LBR was unphased.

Cindy's legs were noodles after the lesson so Gary returned LBR to his paddock alone. Gary then lunged a friends horse and really seemed to enjoy working with her.

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