Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 23, 2010

It's Saturday so we headed over to ride LBR in the afternoon once things warmed up (72F degrees). Gary played in a golf tournament in the morning so the plans were to meet up at the stables.

Cindy arrived first and led LBR up from the paddock. LBR led nicely and stood perfectly for grooming. LBR had rolled yet again so it took a lot of currying. Gary arrived near the end of grooming and we tacked up.

The horses at the stable were feeling frisky as there are several mares in heat and a cold front was coming through complete with 20 mph winds from the NW.

LBR was a HANDFUL in the lunge pen for Cindy. She got dizzy after about 15 minutes so Gary continued the lunge lesson. He was so full of himself that when one of the ladies at the barn said he was spunky - he promptly kicked out and squealed in delight.

After about 45 minutes of lunging, Cindy decided she would ride - but in the lunge pen:-) LBR was pretty good considering the stampedes and distractions in the adjoining paddocks.

Gary rode for a bit afterwards and LBR calmed for a while but still bolted when the neighbors got overly excited, a dog was acting inappropriately and was scolded. Gary ended the ride on a nice calm note and we headed to the stables for grooming.

Gary went to do some other chores and Cindy de-tacked and groomed LBR. He only "spooked' once when feed sacks were blown around and about 30 feet into the air by the winds that were now gusting at 30 mph. Cindy took off one side of the cross-ties and LBR calmed down and fell asleep for the remainder of the grooming and hoof cleaning.

Cindy led LBR back to his paddock and worked on his leading manners (he actually wasn't too bad considering the chaos...mares in heat, proud cut geldings that know that, and feed truck making it's rounds).

Cindy put LBR in his paddock and then she and Gary returned to the paddock to give LBR his appetizers of carrots just before he was fed his favorite....alfalfa and pellets.

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