Friday, January 1, 2010

December 31, 2009

This week, we had quite the adventures with LBR. Cindy's niece was in town and rode LBR on Saturday (Gary & Cindy also rode). They took things easy in the grass arena though Cindy did canter briefly.

On Sunday, Cindy took a group lesson. LBR was well behaved in the round pen (lunging) and the grass arena for warm up. Unfortunately, LBR did not behave in the sand arena...he was very upset by the extremely poor footing and other horses.

Gary rode LBR on Monday thinking he would be better behaved after an additional dry day and perhaps better footing. Unfortunately, LBR was still not behaving properly at first. After a long ride, LBR calmed down nicely and they ended on a good note.

We got rain again on Tuesday. Gary was able to groom him, but the rain started earlier than expected.

The stables were still a muddy mess on Thursday so we just fed treats in his paddock.

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