Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

Okay...no more muddy LBR. It's warm here (high today of 72F degrees).

Gary led LBR to the stables from his paddock. LBR took three times to get into the wash stall that has warm water, but seemed to enjoy the warm shower (we have heated water....woo hoo). The barn corgie "Owen" wanted to help when LBR backed out of the wash stall the first two times, but was "called off" by the stable owner.

After the shower, Gary dried LBR with the scraper and towels and then brushed all of LBR's winter coat curls down...do they make a straightening iron for horses?

They ended with grazing and playing with the jolly-ball in the common area before treats and return to the paddock.

The arenas are still to wet to ride in...we're hoping for later this week.

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