Monday, January 11, 2010

January 10, 2010

Today was lesson day for Cindy & LBR. We headed to the stables around noon for a 1:30 lesson. It was a little warmer this morning (only 20F degrees overnight).

Gary led LBR from his paddock to the grooming stall while Cindy put LBR's supplements out for the week.

We groomed and saddled LBR with Cindy's saddle, the copper roller & a "loaner" German martingale that a friend loaned us (she's not using it on her current horse).

Gary started LBR in the grass arena under saddle and LBR continues to have more energy that we ever imagined (not in a bad way - we just think he could trot forever).

Due to an equipment issue, we switched to the plain d-ring and Cindy rode for a few minutes before heading into her lesson.

LBR & Cindy ROCKED today. LBR did all of his flat work perfectly until the attack of the squeeky trailer spook incident. Cindy let him watch the trailer leave the stables and then LBR once again did well. They cantered for the first time in lessons.

LBR did his patterns/jumps well (though he doesn't like the soft spots in the arena).

After riding, LBR was wet with sweat (Cindy had to take her coat off during the lessons to keep from sweating).

The videos attached are from today's lessons.

p.s. They did their best ever in a lesson today!!!

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