Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Finally...we can ride.

Gary headed over in the morning to ride LBR. So much for a bath...LBR had rolled again but only required a leg rinse in the shower stall (which he went into without event). Gary rinsed his legs off, groomed and tacked up with Cindy's saddle.

They headed to the still slippery grass arena and LBR did well being led. They worked a bit in the arena and LBR didn't "like" the footing but didn't act up too much.

Gary trotted LBR on the outside of the arena fencing and LBR was more responsive.

They had a good - mostly walk, whoa, back and some trotting ride.

Afterwards, grooming in the stable and traditional treats, carrots and pats in the paddock.

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