Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Gary headed over to ride around 11 this morning. He brought LBR up from the paddock and groomed/saddled him. Today he used his saddle, new saddle pad, new girth as well as the copper-roller bit with new bridle pieces he bought at Central Tack for $5.

LBR did well until he saw the evil-chain-link-pole-arena-dragging-device. They came to an agreement that it wasn't too bad.

Gary worked LBR initially in the German martingale, but then took the control part off and concentrated on walk, whoa and leg yields.

After the working lesson, LBR was a bit sweaty and cooled off nicely. Gary de-tacked, groomed and they headed to the paddock for fun.

Gary played with LBR & the "jolly-ball" for a while....Giselle is so JEALOUS. Afterwards, LBR got treats and Giselle received her's too!

We're expecting rain for the next few days but hope it's not going to be too much.

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