Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 6, 2010

Gary headed to the stables in the afternoon to lunge and ride LBR. LBR was good in the grooming stall and they headed to the round-pen. LBR had way too much energy and bucked/kicked at the canter. After about 30 minutes of lunging, he was responsive and doing his walk/trot/whoa's well.

The trainer was wrapping up a ride on another horse and asked if we wanted her to ride LBR. Gary said "sure" (based on the energy level).

They tacked LBR up and she took him to the sand arena for their ride. She walked, trotted, cantered and he was still full of energy. They did cross rails, a lot of circles and rode for nearly an hour. They had an audience of boarders that were laughing at LBR's energy level.

They ended with some walking to cool down. The "audience" noted that the trainer earned her money today. Both she and LBR were wet with sweat.

Gary de-tacked LBR and steam came off under the saddle. He groomed and cooled him off more before taking him back to his paddock and giving him his treats.

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