Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16, 2011

On orders from Anna, the morning at the show started with a 45 minute lunge for LBR. Gary warmed him up at the trot and then it was 15 minutes cantering to the left, then 15 minutes to the right and because he was still "fresh" another 10 minutes to the left.

Well...Anna is a very experienced horse rider with tons of showing experience and a lot of it with "forward" horses which she loves to ride.

LBR had 4 classes today. Each one got better than the last. The first one had some trotting and zig zag approaches, but Anna had stepped up to a stronger pelhem and LBR was over reacting. The second one was too forward and included having to circle once. The third one was better (chain adjusted on baby pelhem). The fourth one....OH MY, OH MY - was the most awesome course I've ever seen. He never rushed, was always straight, curled his knees perfectly.

After the class and a lunch, Anna told me secretly she thought she got a ribbon with that ride. There were more horses to go in the last class including 2 others from our stable. The class finished around 3:00 (LBR had gone around 10:30) so we headed to the results table to see how he did. Gary looked at the results pads that have the ribbons attached for each class. His expression looked sad as he looked through the 5th & 6th place ribbons. I was a nervous wreck standing back and watching. There was one board with a red (second ribbon) that he chose to check last.

His face brightened up and he did a fist pump. LBR placed 2nd out of 28 horses in the Modified Hunter class. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

WAY TO GO ANNA AND LBR. Next show is in two(2) weeks. The pictures from this show should be available tomorrow.

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