Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 10, 2010

Cindy left work an hour early and met Gary at the stables. After grooming and tacking up, Cindy took LBR to the sand arena for their ride.

There were two(2) other riders at the stables working with their OTTB's.

LBR was a PERFECT horse tonight. He was focused on the ride eventhough horses were being brought in for the night and the other two OTTB's were frisky.

Cindy was so proud...a year ago, we had the crazy OTTB and now we have the sane, dependable horse. The ride started with sunlight and ended with riding the arena being lit. LBR was unphased by everything and did a beautiful collected trot and canter. WOO HOO!!

After the ride and grooming, Gary returned LBR to his paddock while Cindy put the tack and supplies away.

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