Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 11, 2010

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables around 10:00. Gary brought LBR up from his paddock while Cindy staged the tack.

There were several other boarders getting ready to ride at the same time.

After grooming/tacking, Cindy took LBR to the sand arena for their ride. LBR was amazing today. There were 3 other horses being ridden in the arena. It was somewhat chaotic as a couple of the riders are challenged with understanding arena etiquette. LBR responded beautifully - staying focused on Cindy instead of the others. After doing walk/trot/canter work in the sand arena, Cindy decided she had enough of the chaos and they headed to the grass arena.

Cindy rode him there for a bit before handing him over to Gary for their ride. LBR responded just as well to Gary today. They strugled with getting the right lead but Gary stuck with it and they cantered beautifully.

After the arena work, Gary took LBR on a short trail ride to cool down. Cindy & Gary groomed LBR and took him back to his paddock.

In the afternoon, Gary & Cindy drove to Waco, TX (about 100 miles) to watch a horse show that a couple of stable mates were showing in. It was fun, but tiring as they didn't get home until late.

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