Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 5, 2010


A cold front came through overnight dropping the temperature nearly 40F degrees.

Gary and Cindy waited until it got up to 50F degrees around noon to head over to visit LBR.

LBR was standing on the south side of his shelter but in the sun (using it as a windblock). Gary brought him up from his paddock for grooming and tacking up.

There were lessons today, so Cindy mounted in the sand arena and walked a lap around before riding LBR to the grass arena.

LBR was so good today. Much to Cindy's surprise, he was a bit lazy, but she was pleased with how quiet he was. They did walk/trot/canter and ground poles. Gary rode after Cindy and LBR was responsive but still a bit lazy.

Gary finished his ride with some work on flexing.

After the ride and grooming, Cindy and Gary took LBR back to his paddock.

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