Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 19, 2011

Today LBR headed to the schooling show with the trainer. Cindy & Gary were out of town so didn't get to go.

The trainer schooled LBR and decided not to enter him in any classes. He was 'GREAT' according to the trainer and though he was a bit distracted by the crowd, he was responsive.

After schooling, the ladies from the stable were sitting by the trailer facing the showground with the horses tied to the trailer behind them. One of them looked back to check on the horses and said "Where's Red?" About that time someone by an adjoining trailer said "Loose Horse". LBR had untied himself and looked to be headed a few feet away to graze.

He then noticed some riders across the field taking a trail ride and decided to trot over to them (about 1/3 of a mile) to visit. He wasn't wild - just prancing across the pasture like the "stud muffin" he thinks he is. After trotting for a bit looking both ways in his attitude moves, he stopped at the top of a hill and posed. The girls trail riding dismounted as he aprroached. As one of them reached out to catch him while he posed, he flagged his tail and trotted back to the trailer where he stopped to be caught.

After the show, he walked on the trailer without hesitation.

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