Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables around 9:30 to meet the farrier. He hadn't arrived yet so they groomed LBR and took him for a walk around the property.

The stalled horses are now being turned out at night so all of their paddocks were empty. Gary & Cindy decided to take LBR to the paddock at the far end the property from his paddock. These paddocks adjoin another property and there is a horse and a donkey that live there.

LBR is fascinated with them when he can see them from the arena. He met them today. The paint mare was friendly - not marish or snorty at all. The donkey was just as friendly and even gave LBR "kisses".

After the visit, Gary worked with LBR and his fear of unlevel ground. He eventually stood still in the "bottomless pit" and grazed.

The farrier arrived and LBR stood patiently to have his front hooves reshod and back hooves trimmed. Cindy thinks LBR has small feet, but the farrier said "Heck no...he wears a size 2 shoe". She was surprised:-)

Gary and Cindy returned LBR back to his paddock. Cindy replaced a few t-post caps that had been removed. They gave LBR a few treats before heading home around 12:30 p.m.

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