Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August, 21, 2011

Wow...getting up this morning and getting ready for a lesson was tough after the long day yesterday. I committed to a lesson on Mani, but we weren't sure about Anna being able to ride LBR. It ended up that she had a conflict so Gary had the option to ride LBR in our lesson. He decided to take a break. I couldn't have been happier as it meant he could help with tacking up/down Mani.

The lesson went well on Mani and after we returned him to their paddock, we brought LBR up for grooming. Poor guy - he was so tired that I swear he never shifted in the grooming stall, even when the psycho horse next to him started kicking - LOL.

I haven't complained much lately about the heat. It was 108F degrees yesterday when we drove back from Pine Hills and was 101F degrees by the time we finished grooming LBR around noon today.

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