Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 12, 2011

Videos have been added to March 8 & 10, 2011. This post is a reflection of today's visit to the stables by Cindy.

Sometimes I wish I understood horse herd behavior and communication better. A mare at the stables slipped a foal this morning (due in May) and after the foal's body was removed from her paddock, she neighed and whinnied for several minutes.

I was riding LBR in the sand arena near her paddock. He replied with whinnies and froze in place (with me on his back) facing the mare. The mare and he whinnied back and forth several times.

We skipped the lesson that was starting, lunged to regain focus and then rode in the grass arena at the other end of the property (actually had a great ride).

I really wish I knew what they were communicating. It was very interesting.

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