Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung, DST is here and the weather in Central Texas is perfect (well...except for 25 mph winds).

Gary & Cindy headed over to the stables after Cindy got home from work expecting a quiet night as on Monday the stables are usually deserted. Gary groomed and tacked LBR while Cindy visited with a stablemate (Cindy is SPOILED!).

Cindy rode LBR first in the sand arena. Shortly after she started riding (as in the first walk lap around the arena to check footing/foreign objects) the peaceful stables turned into a mad-house.

The caretaker who has 4 large dogs is now keeping them in a fenced area because they have become aggressive. They are not happy and whenever anyone arrives at the stables (even the owner/trainer who walks down from her house, they bark incessantly. They barked for a good 10 minutes and finally calmed down. Just about this time, a truck pulling a trailer pulls into the drive up to the stables and proceeds down the road at about 30 mph. This sets off the barking dogs again and LBR is not amused.

Cindy did a good job of staying focused and keeping LBR's focus too. They worked at the walk and trot and did a lot of flexing and leg yielding in order to keep LBR's attention in the arena.

Once the truck/trailer skidded to stop at the barn, out pops 2 screaming running children. Their parents followed shortly out of the truck.

The kids were INSANELY HYPER...running everywhere, screaming, throwing Tonka toys...OMG.

Cindy continued her ride for a bit and then Gary rode LBR. They did some nice trot in canter away jumps before heading out on a trail ride away from the commotion (Cindy advised this as the visitor and trainer were coming in the arena with two(2) green horses).

Cindy got the kids out of the stables where they were running up/down the aisle pushing their toys by telling them that there was a sick horse in the stables and he needed a nap.

After the trail ride, LBR put up with the farrier and Gary picking up two (2) feet (diagonal front/back). Cindy found it amusing and the farrier was impressed that LBR balanced/tolerated it....most horses won't.

Cindy gave LBR treats for his patience and then Gary took LBR back to his paddock.

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