Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

YEAH!!!! It's Saturday and Cindy got to head to the stables in the morning with Gary.

There were many boarders out for lessons/riding this morning. Cindy headed to the paddock to halter/lead LBR back for the morning. She found him alone - no paddock mate, Romeo.

He still had about 1/2 of his grain and was eating as well as a beautiful flake of alfalfa (about the size of 2 normal flakes due to freshness and density). Cindy put the alfalfa in the hiding spot and waited for LBR to finish his breakfast. He is the slowest eater - any distraction and the head comes out of the bucket for a long look around.

After he finally finished (only a few crumbs left), Cindy haltered him and headed to the main barn for grooming. LBR seemed anxious to find his buddy Romeo and stopped/whinnied several times as they made the long (1/4 mile) walk to the grooming stall.

LBR stood nicely for his pre-ride grooming. He still crossties without any issues.

Cindy led him to the round pen for warm up and LBR was his usual distracted self. After about 10 minutes he focused and Cindy dismounted and headed to the practice arena. LBR stood nicely for mounting and they headed off for the ride. LBR was a bit unfocused, but not too obsessive about it.

He has developed a desire to exit the arena at the far end (where we come in from the round pen) and there was a bit of a battle. For the first time, he got a bit light in the front end (no rearing - but probably one or two steps away from it). Rather than get too "mad" at him, Cindy kept firm gentle pressure and commands and he finally walked on.

After this small battle, LBR rode perfectly. Cindy walked along the rail for a while and then asked him for the trot. He didn't want to trot at first, but when he did it was PERFECT. Cindy worked him on the rail and on the diagonal and LBR kept a consistent even gate. LBR came back to the walk nicely and trotted/walked/whoa'd well throughout the remainder of Cindy's ride.

Gary rode at the walk for a bit and LBR did well. LBR seems to have forgotten his "back" command so Gary had a little bit of a battle with that. We will be working him more on the ground and under saddle with this command.

After the ride, Gary led LBR back for sponging/grooming and a nice rest in the main barn (it is cool in there in the mornings with a nice breeze).

Gary led LBR back to his paddock and we placed his alfalfa in the shelter (two sided/covered) so he could get a break from the sun.

Cindy can't wait for the fall when she can spend evenings and more weekend time with LBR. It was 95 degrees by the time the morning visit was over at 11:30 a.m.

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