Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

We headed to the stables earlier than normal today - around 7:30 a.m. The caretakers were just beginning to feed so our big adventure was going to be riding before LBR had his breakfast.

Gary headed to the paddock and brought LBR back to the main barn for grooming. LBR was not very happy about being groomed/tacked before breakfast. When he was brushed he would toss his head and was very distracted by each bit of commotion (horses being tacked for lessons, barn being swept, etc.). Oh well...our new phrase is "get over it".

We headed to the roundpen and Gary rode first. LBR eventually focused and paid attention. After about 10 minutes, Gary headed to the practice arena.

LBR was good at the walk and although he would get distracted, he quickly refocused. After a bit, another boarder joined Gary & LBR in the practice arena. LBR was distracted, but still responsive.

Cindy rode LBR for a while and challenged him with many distractions. She rode him along the rail while another boarder rode next to him outside the rail and he did very well. She followed the other rider in the arena and LBR started following nicely (about 4 lengths behind) at the walk, but for some reason about half-way down the length of the arena, LBR started turning is head sideways and making faces....all Cindy can assume is the other horse farted?

LBR trotted well, but unfortunately Cindy's stirrups weren't adjusted so she didn't take advantage of his efforts to strengthen her posting.

LBR would not back....we might be going to the D-Ring snaffle as he was much more responsive to it.

After the ride, Cindy led LBR back and we groomed and rinsed off. FINALLY (according to LBR), we headed to the paddock and LBR got to have his breakfast.

All in all, today's ride was about "getting over it" and went very well.

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