Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 7, 2009

Gary headed to the stables in the morning. Tuesday is "farrier day" and it was time for LBR to have his feet trimmed again.

Gary went down to the paddock and haltered LBR. His biggest fan "Giselle" (a filly born in March) was hanging out at LBR's gate again. As Gary led LBR to the main barn, Giselle followed. She would fall back a bit and then run and catch up. LBR was obsessed with his new friend but Gary kept leading him thinking that Giselle would not follow all the was to the main barn....he was wrong.

The caretaker attempted to put a rope around unbroken/trained Giselle but she spooked and LBR got very aggressive/defensive of her. Gary ended up having to lead LBR back to Giselle's paddock and the caretaker stayed there w/ her while Gary led LBR back to the grooming stall.

The farrier this week was different from the one used previously. Gary & he got along well and LBR behaved surprisingly well considering all of the commotion with Giselle. The only thing LBR did was steal carrots that someone had left in the stall where the farrier was working.

His front feet are almost totally recovered from the days on the track - no more pancake feet.

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