Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25, 2009

It's been a couple of weeks since we've posted. We continue to work LBR under saddle at the walk and trot in both the main arena and the practice arena.

We are averaging about 6 rides a week and would say 4 of them are flawless while the other two have their challenges.

LBR has gained weight since we added alfalfa to his diet. In addition to becoming stronger, his personality is starting to shine. While generally happy to be handled/ridden/groomed, at times he can be so STUBBORN. His focus continues to improve, but we do have days that require round pen work to get focus.

He's standing nicely while cross-tied in the grooming stall so one person can go over to a ride and leave him alone while they gather tack, supplies, etc. or they just take a break from the heat and rest on the bench.

We're considering some formal training to take him to the next level as we may not have the skills/times to get there.

He loves his carrots now - stops at the truck/car to get them on the way back to his paddock. He is alone in his paddock now as he was being mean to Romeo and the other horse they tried to put in the paddock is like Houdini and kept escaping (he has a know issue of doing this so it wasn't because LBR was mean).

This month has been insanely hot in Central Texas 22 out of 25 days so far in July have been over 100 degrees. We (at the stables but not at the house) got rain for the first time since June this week...LBR really enjoys his mud.

We stopped feeding the "Weight Builder" this week and will watch his weight closely. As he's getting the alfalfa now, we don't expect to see any weight loss.

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