Sunday, July 5, 2009

June 29 - July 5th, 2009

This week has been very hectic for both Cindy and Gary so our posts are limited to this single recap of the week. The week started out with Monday & Tuesday morning Gary rides with LBR being a bit stubborn and pulling/chewing on the bit. Tuesday evening, Cindy went over for a ride and found the same stubborn/totally distracted horse. There were many of this years foals playing in the common areas and LBR was a inattentive to the rider.

Wednesday, Gary had the same experience so he let LBR "sniff" all the foals surrounding him and continued with a fairly productive ride.

On Thursday morning, Gary switched back from the "D-Ring" snaffle to the eggbutt and had a much better ride (he warmed up in the round pen first). Gary continued the exercises in the practice arena on Friday w/ the eggbutt and LBR showed rapid improvement/return to his normal self.

On Saturday, Cindy & Gary both headed over and Cindy had a great ride in the practice arena (after warming up in the round pen). On Sunday, LBR was better than ever with multiple horses/distractions in the practice arena. After about 30 minutes of riding there, Cindy took him on a trail ride into one of the stalled horses vacant paddocks. He got a little "up" but behaved perfectly. Gary then rode him back in the practice arena for a bit before heading to the groom stalls.

LBR was started on alfafa hay this month to try and put the final 30 pounds on.

He's getting to be such a nice companion for both Cindy & Gary. Attached is a video of Cindy leaving the practice arena and headed to the paddock for the trail ride. Our apologies for the video quality.

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