Friday, June 11, 2010

June 10, 2010

Gary headed over in the morning to groom LBR and access the condition of the arenas. Due to the rain this week, both the sand and grass arenas were too wet to ride.

Gary brought the mud-coated LBR up from his paddock and groomed him. He decided to take LBR for a "trail ride" around the property. All of the "stalled" horses had been brought in from their paddocks so they had a lot of new areas to explore.

Gary started out in the grass arena - just walking due to the mud. LBR was very mellow and seemed to enjoy being out of his muddy paddock. They then headed into each 1.5 acre paddock (about 5 of them) on the south part of the property. After this, they rode up/down the driveway.

LBR's leg yielding is getting good. He navigated gates and turns with almost no reins.

After the ride, Gary groomed LBR before letting him graze on the lead for a bit. He returned LBR to his paddock for treats.

In the evening, Cindy & Gary headed over to a neighbors stable to ride her horses (she is out of town for a while). She has a quarter horse mare (Peka - sp?), a recently acquired OTTB (Lexus), a rescue 14 mo. old (no-name) and an "old" (20+ years) thoroughbred (Barney). Her facilities are gorgeous - including a dressage arena with perfect footing.

After a bit of "chasing" in the huge pasture (50+ acres), Gary and Cindy finally figured out the routine of how to catch them. They put food in a small bucket, opened the runs from their stalls that lead out to the pasture and Peka & Lexus came right in.

Cindy groomed Peka while Gary groomed Lexus. Peka can be ridden English or Western so Cindy decided to try Western. Gary lunged Lexus for a bit before saddling her with a dressage saddle. Cindy headed to the arena with Peka for her "cowboy" ride. Peka did great. Cindy walked, jogged and loped her (funny new terms - huh). They rode for about 45 minutes. Gary joined in the ride in the arena with Lexus. She is 10 years old, but green. After a bit, she calmed down nicely and Gary was able to trot her for a few rounds.

After the ride, Gary & Cindy rinsed the mares and returned them to their pasture for the night.

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