Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 27, 2010

LBR had a well earned break from riding today. Gary & Cindy are very lucky to have a good friend at the stables. They were so tired from the show that they failed to check their e-mail Saturday night. "Y" from the stables (the friend who took her horse to the LOPE show with them earlier in the month) had sent them a message saying she was going to give LBR a bath, love and treats on Sunday.

Gary and Cindy headed over to the stables around noon and "Y" was just returning LBR back to his paddock. He looked and smelled so good. 'Y' also let him graze for a while. We visited with her and then we all put LBR back in his paddock and treated him with carrots.

Thank you "Y"!!!!!

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