Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 2, 2010

Cindy rushed to the stables directly from work. Thunderstorms were rapidly approaching Central Texas.

She changed into riding clothes while Gary groomed and tacked LBR. They headed to the sand arena for the evening ride.

LBR was absolutely perfect. Cindy rode him at the walk/trot over ground poles and cross rails and he worked off of a loose rein - almost entirely with leg queues. Cindy rode in the arena for about 45 minutes before handing LBR off to Gary for a trail ride.

After the rides, Cindy & Gary groomed LBR quickly before leading him to his paddock. In the few minutes it took to lead him there, the temperature dropped 15F degrees. All of the horses were galloping in their paddocks and LBR was "dancing" on the lead line. Gary put him in his paddock, Cindy left treats in his bucket and they walked quickly to their cars just in time before the rain started.

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