Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 12, 2010

The rain has finally stopped and the forcast for the next week looks good. Gary heade over to the stables in the afternoon once it warmed up a bit.

They headed up from the paddock to the stables for grooming. LBR is tired of the mud...he hadn't even rolled.

After grooming, they Gary let LBR graze for a bit. When it came time to go back into his bog (i.e. paddock), LBR was not cooperative. Gary had to put the lead rope over his nose to "straighten him up".

LBR was upset that Gary didn't give him any treats and expressed his anger by making "ugly faces" at his neighbors.

Cindy is excited about being able to go to the stables over the weekend but disappointed that it will probably be too muddy to ride. Oh well, fellow bloggers on the west coast say their horses are beginning to shed so spring can't be that far off.

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